Why visit northwest London

If you plan to visit North West London, some of them should visit sites that you must add to your itinerary. They range from beautiful and impressive abbeys to serene gardens and villages and museums, where time stands still among historically inclined and brilliant works of art.

In the heart of the city is Northwest London Abbey. This building back in the 15th century has Gothic architecture with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. This unusual building stands on the buildings of Kingston.

Beckford Tower, built by architect William Beckford, is also another very interesting place to visit. This building was built in 1827 for the banquet of the architect himself. He also wanted the tower to be his library and retreat home, where he could spend time studying his collection of rare works of art and books. This place is great for photographing, and you can climb the spiral staircase and take a look at the cityscape.

Another very good place to visit while in the northwest of London are the Calde Bowd Gardens. This piece of beautiful landscape was built by Capability Brown in the 18th century, and it covers nearly 2,000 acres of land. There are certain unique features, such as a snake lake, a hermit cave, a Doric temple, and a cascade. This venue is the perfect place for you and your family to gather food and have a picnic.

On the bend from the M4 and close to the southern border of Cotswold is the ideal little village of Castle Comb. This is the home of the Blanket brothers, who, according to legend, gave the English dictionary a new word, while they found a way to warm themselves in the harsh cold winter nights.

When your route is set, then you should think about places to stay. Northwest London offers several types of accommodation for all its tourists and visitors, from generous to small budgets, there is a place for everyone. There are luxury hotels such as Landmark London and Dorset Square that you can choose for those who want a budget hotel, as well as the modest Golders Green Hotel, Hendon Park Hotel and Millennium Lodge.

During your stay in this area, you can engage in all kinds of activities, for example, go to the cinema with your family, watch the movie “Everyman Hampstead” in one of the oldest cinemas, or try an art house in Tricycle. theatre.

You can visit dance theaters to spend the evening watching professionals dance under blue leaves, or visit art galleries located on every corner. You can take your children to the London Zoo or visit Kentish Town City Farm.

You can also spend the evening at Camden Palace Club or at the Electric Ballroom.

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