Sealy turned sixty with style

Sealy is the largest manufacturer of quality mattresses in the United States. They strive to produce the best product at affordable prices. A company that has existed for 62 years, they have everything at hand: from traditional mattresses with an internal spring coating to expensive latex mattresses and memory effect mattresses. Almost every year they present a new collection of their existing Posturepedic mattresses. In 2010, they introduced the 60th anniversary of the line. In 2012, Seeley introduced the Optimum range.

Of course, they do not deal with cheap mattresses, but there is a reason for this. Seeley was dedicated to developing the most comfortable sleeping equipment. It is the only mattress company to have an orthopedic advisory board made up of the best doctors, clinicians and orthopedic surgeons working together to create the best Sealy Posturepedic mattress. Regardless of what Sealy represents, their main focus has been on developing their products around a good night's sleep. This means eliminating the common problem that people face when they sleep on cheap mattresses: throw and flip. If you spend the night trying to sleep, not sleep, you may feel restless and tired when you wake up in the morning, in contrast to how you will feel asleep on a Seeley mattress – fresh, energetic and ready to go.

In 2010, Seeley celebrated his 60th birthday with the unique Innspring mattress collection. The Sealy Posturepedic mattress rules the resort for a long time, and, introducing this new line, they marked the first Posturepedic mattress, released in 1950. The 60th anniversary collection includes the PostureTech Innerspring system, the stability provided by Uni. The XT case support and mattress surface have built-in foam memory and latex. In addition to this, the mattress comes with a special 10-year factory warranty. These mattresses come in different comfort levels, such as hard-cushioned mattresses, plush cushioned tops, solid euro-pillows and plush euro-cushions, sturdy, tight, hard-cushion tops, ultra-plush hard-tops, durable euro-cushion pillows and ultra- the plush top of the euro pillow, etc. Their entire collection has an inlay for depressurizing, as well as memory foam or smart latex, some of which have a combination of both.

The 2011 promotional mattresses feature the Posture Tech reel system with the increased strength and stability provided by Advent-Edge / Advantage Edge Plus.

Their 2012 collection is the Optimum series, which includes Posturepedic Destiny, Inspiration and Radiance mattresses. These mattresses have a unique Opticool Gel memory foam. Fate is a durable mattress, while Radiance is not as strong as Fate; it offers a softer feeling.

Sealy mattresses are made from high quality materials that help relieve pressure in the most sensitive areas of our body. Their zonal system gently removes pressure-sensitive areas, and the mattress creates the feeling that it was designed specifically for you.

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