How to Watch a Broadway New York Budget Show

Planning a trip to New York in the near future? Would you like to attend some Broadway appearances and still be on a budget? Here are some useful tips to help you get to New York, where you can see some performances without spending a fortune.

How to get to New York

Trying to decide which airport to fly to? Instead of flying directly to New York, consider flying to Newark, New Jersey. Why? The NJ Transit train takes you directly from Newark Airport to Penn Station in New York in 30 minutes for $ 13 one way. It's much cheaper and faster than trying to get a taxi from one of New York's airports to downtown Manhattan.

Get off the train at Penn Station in New York. From the station, get a 7-day unlimited metro map. The card costs $ 31.00 and can be used to travel around the city for a 7 day stay. This will come in handy when you plan your excursion route.

Head to Times Square

When you leave Penn Station, head to Times Square and look at all the performances that you play while you are in town. When you stand in the middle of Times Square, look at all the billboards. There are performances both on Broadway and outside of Broadway. There is plenty to choose from!

When you look around you will notice under the “red steps” on Broadway and the 47th, TKTS ticket office. It opens at 15:00 every day, except Tuesday, when it opens an hour earlier at 14:00. How do you know if you found this? Look for hundreds of people lining up to buy theater tickets at up to 50% off. What a deal! Next to the window you will see what games they sell, as well as ticket prices. Are you ready to get in line and get a ticket for today's performance? These lines move fast, but wait about an hour. Do you want to spend an hour of your vacation standing in line every day?

Use your metrocard and head outside Times Square

There may be a better way. The same tickets are sold in two other places:

Seaport of South Street
Angle of John's front and street

Downtown Brooklyn
1 MetroTech Center, corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue

These seats usually open 4 hours before the Times Square Ticket Office. They are both open at 11:00 every morning, except that the Brooklyn office is closed on Sunday and Monday every week. Getting tickets at one of these other venues allows you to better select venues for your performance that evening, as they open earlier than Times Square. The best part, as a rule, you can go straight to the window without a long wait!

Use your metro map to transfer you from the city to one of these places. I would recommend getting tickets to Brooklyn once, where you can stop for lunch and enjoy pizza. After lunch, think about returning over the Brooklyn Bridge. The view of the city is worth a walk! It's time to go get tickets and enjoy the show!

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