The best parks in New York not to be missed during the tour

Contrary to the widespread notion of New York, of a chic city laden with skyscrapers and some massive sights, there is really a lot of greenery in this place. Nearly 14 percent of New York is green. When tourists get tired of the chaotic movement of the city, sightseeing and other events, they can find relief in its many parks. These parks are ideal for travelers of various profiles, including children and students.

Listed below are some of the best parks you shouldn't miss during your NYC tour.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Unlike some city parks in the New York area, which were built to simulate rural greenery, Brooklyn Bridge Park has its own charm. The coastal park has many attractions for visitors from different age groups. This is one of the newest parks, and its opening took place in 2012. This park is located under the historic Brooklyn Bridge and overlooks Manhattan. It offers breathtaking views of the promenade. It is also an ideal place for a weekend picnic.

Flushing meadows-corona park

New York's fourth largest public park, located in the Queens area, is also called Flushing Meadows. Here is the famous USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, which hosts the U. S. Open tennis tournament. Other famous park attractions are the Queens Museum of Art and the Queens Wildlife Center. There is also a skate park and a lake for boating.

Hudson River Park

This beautiful 550-acre coastal park stretches from Battery Park to 59th Street, offering visitors plenty of space for walks or ice skating, enjoying river views. You can enjoy watching kayaking and youth sporting events while relaxing on the grass.

Pelham bay park

Located in the northeast corner of the Bronx, this park is actually New York's largest public park with an area of ​​2,772 acres. It is almost three times larger than the famous Central Park, and you will need a lot of time to explore its various parts. Key attractions at this park include the Pelham Bay Golf Course, Orchard Beach and the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum. In the southeastern part of the park you will find baseball fields, a picnic area, bike paths and a children's area. You can enjoy horse riding at the Bronx Equestrian Center. Nature lovers will find solace in the Thomas Pell Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to wildlife species such as huntsmen and hawks.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park offers visitors to New York a break from the clutter and bustle with its large grassy area, ample place for a dog to run and a picturesque location. Amazing works of art occupying an area in the park will delay you for a long time.

Central park

Probably the most populous and famous park in New York, Central Park is witnessing millions of steps throughout the year. This is an area where you will never have a shortage of entertainment, including horseback riding, boating, wildlife exploration, etc. Entertainment programs and events are also held there at certain times of the year. Its outdoor skating rink is another major attraction for visitors.

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