Everything you ever wanted to know about New York's unmistakable

The New York Comprehensive Auto Insurance Act, which most people call the “No Fault Act,” was passed in 1973 and entered into force the following year. The purpose of the law was to limit the number of claims for compensation for personal injuries in car accidents, as many politicians had this agenda on their platforms. […]

What is the difference between a theme park and an amusement park?

Disney World – theme park or amusement park? How about Cedar Point? Is there a difference, or do the two terms mean the same thing? Does it matter? Well, this may not be as important as some things, but park and amusement park lovers will find it interesting, if not important. There is a lot […]

Killing harry

He was an insider for the mafia who, according to his former friend Louis “Lepke the Buhalter,” knew too much to live in. As a result, Harry “Big Green” Greenberg was the victim of a mafia strike in sunny California. Harry Greenberg, also known as Harry Shakter and Harry Schober, grew up on the Lower […]

Gangster in America – Jack "Legs" Diamond – A Gangster Who Cannot Be Killed

Jack "Legs" Diamond was wounded and wounded many times, he was called "Gangster, which can not be killed." Diamond, born July 10, 1897 from parents from Killruche, County Clare in Ireland, spent the first years of his life in Philadelphia. After his mother died of a viral infection, when Diamond was thirteen years old, he […]