Hotel marketing has become easier


Gone are the days of promoting your hotel through magazines, directories and flyers. Today, the first place a tourist goes to before booking a hotel is the internet. With more than 73% growth over the past five years, Internet bookings are on the rise these days. Recent reports suggest that travel today is the largest e-commerce category, followed by airline ticket sales. In 2012, the online tourism industry, with a harvest of $ 700 billion. The number of universities is growing with the services of traditional travel agencies, which are rapidly being abandoned and discontinued. It is clear that today the hotel marketing is going on the Internet.

Noting the need to adopt innovative approaches in their marketing strategies designed to attract the attention of potential customers, today hotels are turning to hotel sites with the advancement of internet marketing. The hotel website needs to be literate enough to turn the number of visitors into bookings. Site layout, layout, structure, content, etc. have a big impact on the exchange rate. Rich SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is also part of this case and allows the hotel to stand out on the very first page of reliable fixing engines. Today, the hotel website allows customers to take a virtual tour of the hotel, read all the available information, study guest reviews and ratings, and more.

However, it is imperative that hotel marketing tools are innovative, less sophisticated and easily accessible. Visual storytelling is the digital future. The hotel’s attractive and attractive website, which attracts attractive images of the environment, certainly attracts the attention of the guest, as it offers a competitive advantage for the hotel. Dissemination of information is another tool of hotel marketing. In addition, the hotel site should be able to weave a story that illuminates the guests with the various facilities and services offered. Particular emphasis should be placed on the competitive advantage of the enterprise over others with the appropriate FAQ to satisfy more customers.

Recent reports suggest that if hotels are not marketed on social media, there is likely to be a 2% drop in traffic every month, and those who add views on a monthly basis. Leaving aside the statistics, the reason for the hotel’s internet marketing strategy will be effective social media for the simple reason that all the guests are here. About one in every 13 people on earth today uses Facebook, and half of them log in every day. The social network Facebook is where people connect, communicate and share views, opinions and reviews. This also contains some travel information. Ensuring your hotel is a social tool that requires new guests and the old ones.