The Benefits of ERP Software in the Real Estate Sector


The technology and internet has revolutionized the way real estate business is done. The use of internet by consumers, to buy and sell properties, has increased dramatically over the years as a result of which companies looking towards the internet as a means to supplement, in order to serve and attract their customer in a better manner. The internet has emerged as a powerful tool for real estate service providers to offer their services and share property information with a larger customer base.

Real estate companies using online solutions as a powerful marketing tool to promote their brand and also advertise their services. Real estate companies by using ERP Solution can expand their area by reaching out to a broader audience including buyers, property owners, and agents spread across different regions.

The web offers the consumer infinite access to property, transaction and service provider related information. Buyers can make inquires online, therefore saving time and effort. It is easier for agents and sellers to track and respond to online general inquires available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enables real estate agents and companies to search and maintain large database of properties providing buyers with easy means to search through the online property databases. Applications based on a CMS (Content Management System) can be integrated with the solution making real estate companies to update and publish details of properties easily.

By using Online booking engine buyers can search and browse through details of properties; select the desired property and book it online by an integrated secure payment gateway that ensures safety of online transactions.

Some Key Benefits are –

Online General Inquire

1. Both for Buyers and Purchasers

2. Online Interest Rate Calculator

3. Property Valuation

4. Classified

Online booking by secure payment gateway

1. Automated Booking services

2. Automated Transaction from Account

Virtual Buildings (for demo to customer)

1. Virtual tours can be created enabling property buyers to view and get a feel of the property.

2. Multimedia presentations can be used for showcased properties

Easy Report Generation

Areas and regions preferred by buyers which enable agents, buyers and real estate companies to study and analyze the customer behavior and trends to service them better.