How has the price of vacation packages affected the Hawaiian economy?


Holiday packages in Hawaii

The number of visitors to the Hawaiian Islands is constantly improving, and the volume of Hawaiian vacation packages sold by travel agencies, airlines, hotels and destination marketing companies is increasing. Tourism, the number one industry in the Hawaiian Islands, is recovering from the decline of the Hawaiian Islands.

A recent survey by Hosting Consultants LLC shows a steady development in Hawaiian tourism. The company found that public employment in hotels averaged 75.7 percent in August 2010, up 6.3 percent from a year earlier.

These figures also reflect the growing confidence of airlines in the Hawaiian Islands market. Hawaiian Airlines is expanding its routes both domestically and internationally, most recently with flights from Las Vegas to Maui, as it has been waiting for service from Japan’s Aponia and South Korea for several months. Alaska Airlines is expanding its routes to Hawaii; Allegiant Air, meanwhile, will start serving the Hawaiian Islands on the small continent of the US continent starting in 2011.

This recovery, due to the state’s ability to sell air travel, hotel rooms and Hawaiian vacation packages in general, helps maintain the state’s unemployment rate. The unemployment rate in Hawaii is currently 6.4 percent, and the US average is 9.6 percent. This is in stark contrast to other Las Vegas designations, where unemployment is currently around 14%.

However, some argue that the news is not at all good for the Hawaiian visitors’ industry, citing relatively unchanged average room prices. They claim that most visitors to the Hawaiian Islands celebrate their holidays because they are attracted to discounted discounts, and that such discounts on Hawaiian holiday packages are not good for the tourism industry in general, presumably because hotels are airlines. And rental companies make less money.

Others believe that Hawaiian vacation packages are good for the tourism industry, and that those who focus solely on the average price of Hawaiian vacation packages lack a big picture. A significant increase in the number of tourists is beneficial to the Hawaiian Islands, as more packages are sold, due to the favorable benefits for the rest of the economy, which serve the travel market. This includes increasing the cost of food, souvenirs, tours, activities, and more.

There is another important argument in favor of the advantages of maintaining reduced prices for packages, at least for now. Due to the recession, other tourist destinations competing with the Hawaiian Islands, such as Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico, are struggling to maintain their market share in the entertainment industry. As soon as the peak of the winter season arrives, these traditional rivals of the Hawaiian Islands are under great economic pressure, lowering the prices of their own vacation packages even more than they are now. Thus, any increase in the number of vacation packages on the Hawaiian Islands could exacerbate the loss of tourists to these alternative destinations on the Hawaiian Islands.