Honda Brio gets an overwhelming response with plenty of books


Honda has just entered the Indian car market. Honda Jazz was Honda’s first hatchback, a Japanese automaker, and Honda Brio is the company’s second Hatchback. Honda recently reduced the price of the Honda Jazz to 5.5 GEL, and the price of the Honda Brio is lower than the Jazz. Honda Brio is a door-to-door porter with a messy look. Brio price looks on the road from 3.95 GEL varnish.

The small car opened at Auto Expo 2011 in New Delhi. After this exhibition, the popularity of Hatchback began and it is still one of the most popular hatchbacks in India. Honda has launched the Brio in four versions: Honda Brio S Mt, Honda V MT, Brio E Mt and Honda Brio S Mt.

Attached to the Brio is a 1.2-liter gasoline engine that produces a peak output of 88 PS @ 6000 rpm և 109 Nm @ 4600 rpm. The engine of the new hatchback is the same as the Jazz. The new hatchback offers better displacement than the other hatchback, which is 1198 cm. It is expected that the same gasoline engine will soon drop to 1litre. According to ARIA certification, the new Brio claims to offer 18.4 km / m mileage. The length of the Honda is 3.6 meters, but still the car provides a decorative pavilion area with large areas. The new hatchback is equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and electronic steering. The back of the car is made entirely of glass, which gives a different look to the new Hatchback. This is the first time a chicken car has been made of glass. The front end of the car has an elegant curve.

Brio is available in India in an attractive and affordable price range, and it attracts many car lovers. Not only is the price of the hatchback good, but it is also included with excellent features. Honda is available in an attractive color range. The front tire suspension is made from the Macpherson Strut. Brio has ABS, which is a good security feature because it allows you to break powerful and reliable. And ABS is very useful in case of a sudden accident. Hatchback with ABS also has ESP and EDB, which are useful for slippery roads. Honda’s hint is that the new hat is a back-up car and the cheapest of all the cars offered by Honda India. In addition, Brio will attract a lot of cars and will be a big hit in the Indian car market. For more information on Honda brio and other hatchbacks, such as Skoda Citigo, Renault Pulse, etc., just go to Buyers can find all the information about different types of cars here.