A simple solution for small and medium-sized businesses to reduce shipping, courier and parcel shipping costs


I’m just surprised that these days there are no more business-related incidents. I think you can compare what I want to say with car splitting to a perfect realistic idea that is guaranteed to reduce pollution and save money by sharing fuel costs with partners. In that case, why are there still Range Rovers և people who are walking around alone at the wheel of a soloist? People just can’t be bothered with effort, the obvious answer is time and inconvenience. I know I would not want to wait outside a house, while the airport forced you to work late with the help of “tights tights” with urgent help or if they could not find their wallet.

Let’s go back to the point of the article and apply the strategy of car division to the business world and couriers. It is common knowledge that any company that makes its daily bread by distributing and selling physical products will most likely need to use a courier. It is common knowledge that courier and delivery bills are usually the second or third largest clothing for any company (employees’ salaries usually rise in the first place if you want to know). After all, we all know that the more parcels and palettes you send with your couriers, the less they will charge you.

So, if we apply the same strategy by combining your parcel route with other business users in the same industrial property or business bag, I guarantee that you will be able to negotiate with courier tariffs than if you were separated. It’s great in theory, but it’s as awkward as the idea of ​​a car, it takes more time to move someone else’s warehouse, and who’s going to spend all that time sorting through these invoices to make sure everyone pays for what they send?

In the steps of the “parcel mediator” solve all the inconveniences

So what exactly does a parcel broker do?

In short, a parcel or pallet broker is a web logistics consultant that allows any business of any size to immediately charge a collection and delivery via the Internet via a worldwide messenger, up to 65% off their tariffs.

Why do businesses need this service?

It solves the problem of small and medium-sized chicken eggs for small and medium-sized businesses, especially for start-ups. Small businesses are struggling to enter the market alongside their competitors. This is usually not because their competitor can buy or reduce the price of the product at any cost, but because they can distribute it less, which makes the cost of selling their product and / or shipping costs cheaper. Cover broker services leverage the playing field for small businesses, allowing them to grow faster in larger businesses, which means they can then choose to “fly the factory” and search for their own discounts with live couriers or escort couriers. brokers և continue to reap the additional benefits they can offer their customers.

Apart from saving money for their delivery, what other benefits does the business offer using a parcel broker?

Some brokers provide dedicated account managers to every registered business that handles any inquiries on a daily basis. Like the main messengers, there are no huge call centers, and these little brokers can prepare a report with customers to fully understand their needs. Leg performed “leg work” will be performed by the Account Manager. It’s like having an external logistics controller, but it’s free.

A recent study found that more than 89% of all UK companies use more than one courier to meet their needs. The whole shipping process is simplified with brokers, one contact point, one online booking engine and tools, one tracking interface for all followers, one account for many services. This means more time for businesses to focus on more important issues than pursuing paperwork and staff training in several systems.

Brokers will usually use the best parcel and pallet transportation the world has to offer. That’s because the fewer things go wrong, the easier it becomes for parcel brokers to work. Customers can use the website to compare prices, then order a carrier to match their budget, timing and products.

Some brokers can integrate the shipping process using a number of APIs, which increases productivity and ensures the integrity of the order for an e-commerce business.

To conclude, are there any real benefits to using a specialist business broker for your shipping requirements? If the prices are cheaper and the courier service remains the same due to the additional benefits of a special account manager, I can’t think of any reason, so let’s hope the parcel intermediary can offer a solution for car exchange. a more attractive option for the future.