Tools for planning vacations


The sites and programs offered in this article can help you plan your trip, from low-cost flights to budget planning, excellent accommodation and, most importantly, fun on the road.

1. Kayak

Benefit. Allows you to easily compare flexible dates so you can find the best flight days.

Description: Kayak is a standard flight searcher where you enter your destination and prefer travel dates. If you specify the “Flexible Cone Date”, it will provide a clear layout to show the cheapest flight dates.

Hint. To find the cheapest flight after using the kayak, go to the website of this airline and see if it is cheaper to book directly. Sometimes it’s like that, sometimes it’s not.

2. Hipmunk:

Benefit: Their state of mind balances the costs of getting out, changing planes, etc., so you can weigh your time against your money.

Description: Hipmunk is a one-flight search engine where you enter your destination and travel dates. It presents time flights so you can compare road lengths with prices. It has an algorithm to judge the “psychological factor” and classifies flights accordingly. But it does provide information so that you can determine for yourself the level of mood you are willing to be prepared for at a lower cost.

Hint. You can also choose the classification of flights with single prices or any other factor. But the scale of suffering puts it all in perspective.

3. Seated Guru

Benefit: Helps you choose the best place for your flight (or at least avoid the worst).

Description: Enter the airline’s: and / or flight number և it will display a color-coded chart that will show good places, bad places, mixed reviews, and regular seats. You can use this chart to select places for your flight when you book or log in.

Hint. Choose your seats when you book so you can make the most choices, but check from time to time if better places are available.

4. Travel consultant

Benefit: Read reviews from other travelers on accommodation and attractions. The site also categorizes accommodation and attractions by category and location for easy comparison.

Description: Just enter your destination and what you are looking for there (ie hotel, tour, restaurant, etc.) and it will give you a list.

Hint. Check the dates of the reviews. Management change can make a big difference, so if there’s a total of four star ratings, but the reviews over the past six months have been awful, you might think twice. Of course, it works differently. Low stellar ratings can have good recent reviews.

5. General packaging list

Benefit: UPL compiles a packing list and a preparation list according to your travel settings.

Description: Go to և Enter all the details of your trip: dates, climate (it has an accessible link to get that information), activities, travel mode, accommodation style, bag size. And so on. This will give you a list of packages and a list of preparations that are specific to your trip.

Hint. Don’t do it at the last minute. You will be amazed, especially for the international trip, from all the little things you have to do and get what you can forget. For example, can you have enough outlets to charge all your electronics (and now we seem to be traveling more and more)? Last night.

6. “Snack”

Benefit: No app for equipment training that will help you fit in when traveling.

Description: Choose the type of exercise (strength, cardiovascular, yoga, stretching) and the time for which you want to exercise. It provides a round-the-clock session with exercises that can be done in a small space without equipment (ie a hotel room).

Hint. In the new city, sometimes even running can be a little scary. But training quickly in your room is a costly way to stay on track.

Price The free plan is enough to keep you going, but there are also paid options.


Benefit. Provides easy access to exchange rates

Description: The application is easy to use. Just add the amount, your currency, the currency you want to convert, and it will give you the conversion. You can create a number of different currencies if you travel to several countries, enter the amount of one currency, and see the conversion of all the currencies you have in that list. It can be helpful when you cross a border and need to change money to decide if you want to change the border or wait for a better exchange rate. Or if you say it’s US dollars and euros, and you need to buy some Kenyan shillings, you can see which currency is more profitable.

Hint. It is such a convenient tool to have on your phone to quickly exchange food items, accommodation prices, tours and flights.

8. Square

Benefit: Share the hidden gems with fellow travelers and get their secrets.

Description: It uses your smart phone’s GPS signal to determine where you are so you can perform quick and easy checks. You can read other travel tips, leave reviews, photos and your own tips.

Hint. Connect on your Facebook account on Wednesday so that your login is automatically displayed as a status update to share with friends and family.

These tools will help you make the most of your trip, saving you money on the flight, packing you, getting the best seat, finding great accommodation, and finally sharing it with your relatives at home. What are your favorite programs or sites you use to travel to plan or enjoy?