Do you really need a responsible website?


As of today, the only way to access websites is from a desktop computer. Then everything started to move to laptops because they were portable. Now, for almost everyone, there is a cell phone with a web travel functionality.

Responsible non-compliant websites are being ignored by Google. And while more than half of all online business searches start on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, if your site is not responsible, this will be one of the main reasons for the decline in direct traffic.

What is a responsible website?

A website with a responsible design code means that each website automatically adjusts to the average you use to view it. Whether it’s a tablet, a large smartphone, a small smartphone, a laptop or a desktop desktop, each person will see the page in an improved style.

Higher exchange rates

Anyone who is looking at a product on your website to compare and contrast it with the price of something they see in the store wants to respond quickly. The responsible website allows them to click a few buttons and order the product you offer instead of paying more in the store.

Improved user experience

Responsible design tells the customer that you are serving their needs. For someone who works a lot of time using their mobile device, this is huge. They can book dinners, set up service consultations, book a hotel room and buy goods, all from their mobile phones, using websites with integrated responsible design. When users feel valued and have good experience, they come back.

Little work for you

Using a responsible design in the first place will allow you to focus on the best aspects of your website and pass it on to a small audience. From there, it’s much easier to add more content to larger devices.

Better search engine rankings

Google prefers websites with responsible design pages. It is still the same website but is designed for different products. This is easier for you and search bots than working with any other mobile site.


Your site can be customized for different devices to view. You can add different content that will be added to each device as added value. Content will be distributed to fill the space provided for each device, the main content and design will remain in all subsequent devices for a smooth experience.