Promote money margins with social tabs.


Every time you come across a joke, a funny picture or a relationship with a friend, you participate in a social tab. Many websites automate this process by allowing individuals to submit “tabs” (links) to a site that is linked to different keywords and ratings. These sites include organizations such as, yoono, digg, and reddit. From a commercial point of view, social bookmarking sites are basically a different type of search engine, and a search engine that you want to list.

The simplest way to list your content or site is to simply submit it to the social bookmarking site with the appropriate list of relevant words (Note: Keywords on social bookmarking sites can be pre-categorized or completely free of charge :).

Another way to use social bookmarking sites is to present a pre-labeled content or a wide range of pages on a more detailed basis. Submit each article of your article to your blog individually or to each section of your web site and list each one accordingly. For example, each product description page can be presented separately.

With joint efforts to include all social tabs on all sites, you realize three outcomes.

(1) You will increase the level of your site’s highly targeted traffic

(2) You promote the sale directly by calling the action sales page with reference to և

(3) You will increase your search engine rankings through the growing background of your site.

In general, logging in to multiple sites is a great way to promote your online marketing.