Social tab – no errors on page 404


Something strange happened to me on the way to the social tab. Bookmarks are an SEO tool that newcomers often overlook. Luckily, I was aware of this tool և I immediately went to a few websites like and to book my last post.

I manually bookmarked my article. I was very proud of myself. A week later, I was late returning to one of my blog posts, which I thought was particularly interesting. I decided to check the original tab.

404 pages found no problem.

I clicked on my link. I received a terrified “Page not found” error message. Have you ever had that happen to you? When have you been in this trouble? The social bookmarking link reached my site and displayed a 404-page error message, not the article I wanted to link to. Sometimes you feel helpless.

What was going on in the world? What was the reason? Perhaps your first thought is that you have somehow deleted a post on your blog. LOVE: It’s still there.

Perhaps the reason for the error message is that the blog, in this case the WordPress blog, automatically scrolls down the old pages. This is somehow the reason why the Search Engine is unable to find your post. LOVE:

Your brain is looking for a solution quickly. There are four possible solutions.

  1. You need to create a page for this post on your blog. That way, any link to that page would be permanent, but it’s not a practical solution.

  2. Assign a unique category to the post. It is also not very practical.

  3. Direct your link from the social bookmarking site to the source of the article directory և not your blog, but some social media sites do not allow direct linking back to the article directory.

  4. After all, you consider editing a link to a social site to your article. this will not allow you to edit the reference.

Make a mistake again.

Solving social tabs.

Have you ever heard of permalinks? The settings are located in WordPress in the panel under Settings. A link to a URL tag or name used for a specific web address, web page, website, or blog post. Most blog-like content management systems (CMS) use recharges to store messages.

In my case, being a newcomer and still learning, I changed the layout of my evergreens, so when the social bookmarking site searched the web, it couldn’t find my post: the awful 404 page that didn’t find the message appeared. I was unaware of the impact my experience on WordPress had on my blog.

The simple solution is to convert your evergreen to its “mail name”. You can set a link to reveal the name, category, author, date, and other unique tags of your message. If you have a social bookmark, use a post message that identifies the post name and its author. So a lot to learn.

The more you learn, the more money you make.