Some effective tips for social marking


Websites like Digg և StumbleUpon have created a huge opportunity for bloggers and website owners to engage in tons of traffic to their pages. This has boosted the popularity of a number of sites where people are already subscribing directly to those sites. If you have a new online business or blog that you want to promote, this is the kind of success you need if you want a lot of sales or advertising revenue. But now more attention is being paid to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Fortunately, social tabs are nowhere to be found in the dead, and you can still try these tips so that you can also get a lot of traffic on your site.

To get started, try signing up for a social bookmarking site like StumbleUpon and get a feel for the interface. These sites can be significantly improved, so it’s a good idea to explore what the site is currently offering. Like any other social network, you need to fill out your profile, as people can check it out if they think you’re sharing good links. Then share as many favorite tabs as possible, even if you don’t manage these sites. Whether social bookmarking is a common place for advertising, it’s always a good idea to show others that you want to share cool websites alongside advertising.

Since you want others to pay more attention to the ad site, you need to fill out the link with a good tab description. If you already have a description on your site, the social bookmarking site can automatically detect it. Otherwise, you need to provide a clear and concise description of the tab so that others know what to expect. If you have experience search engine optimization, try to optimize the description by inserting one or two words so that the description is better indexed by search engines. You can do the same with labels. Adding multiple tags is encouraged as long as you keep the relevant tags on your tab. Adding random words can increase the impact, but people may reject your link as spam.

Get a feel for what you have learned from other sites by gaining a sense of social service. Even if the bookmarks site isn’t very popular, it’s important that you cover that area. As long as the social bookmarking site allows links to be made available for public viewing, the site must have some potential to attract new visitors.