Hyundai 2013 launches


Looking at Hyundai’s old cars, there are some car models that have been favorites for many years. If we look at the best sellers, they were Santro, i10, 120 և Accent in different categories.

No matter what type of car you are looking for, Hyundai cars have certain features that make it a popular brand. From fuel efficiency to cost-effective maintenance, replacement costs make it one of the best-selling brands in the country.

The current market favorites are Eon, i10 and others. If you are looking forward to what the car brand expects in the store next year, read on.

Launch of Hyundai 2013: Santa Fe

Yes, Hyundai’s aggressive SUV will just return and improve 2013 for the Indian market. Those who have seen some on the road can move to see more in the coming months. The car will have some major changes in its styling features. It will also create a 2.2-liter diesel engine. Electricity and torque output will be greatly improved, reaching 100 km / h in just 9.4 seconds. The innovations will include the FLEX STEER system, reducing brake control, ESP, vehicle stability features, among others.

I10 gets Facelift

If you read the features included in other i10 markets, these features may simply become a reality in the new and improved version that will be launched in 2013. You can expect better energy and higher fuel efficiency in a modernized model. The diesel version will be launched in 2013. This is a highly anticipated release with a rise in gasoline prices. Many are going to fix this model with their diesel car as the launch is announced.

I30 started

When you think that the i20 is the last in the series, you will see that the next series is moving, the i30. The Hyundai i30 is expected to recycle the hatchback segment. Given the popularity of the car model in India, this luxury car in the hatchback segment will definitely give you another luxurious option in terms of limited space and budget selection. Among the Hyundai 2013 launches, this car is a premium car to follow. Its price will be a bit sharp, comparable to a sedan car.