Top 10 Membership Marketing Tips


Joining organizations have two main goals: to acquire and retain members. Members are the living blood of any member company, and by not being able to recruit new members and keep them happy, by subscribing to new members, you will soon find yourself in hot water.

Marketing can be used to gain new members and strengthen the value proposition of existing members. Many member organizations are delaying marketing because they think it’s expensive and time consuming. However, there are many marketing activities that even the most limited association can accomplish.

So what are our top 10 membership marketing tips?

  1. Create and Understand Your Buying PersonUnderstanding who your main customers are. These will be divided into two categories: those who are not members, who need to understand who you are, why they need to join, and those who are members, and who need to understand why they need to continue subscribing. Find out who your typical new or existing member is. What do they live for, what business / personal problems do they face, where do they spend their time on the internet, who do they go to for advice, what is the main engine of their main decision? join a member organization. Understanding the personality of your buyer will ensure that your marketing messages are designed to address those people.
  2. Use your site moreYour website and your online presence are your most valuable and cost-effective marketing tool. Make sure you take full advantage of it.
    1. Optimize search engines to make sure you can find them online
    2. Make clear sales plans so that future members can easily understand membership benefits and subscription process
    3. Have members access a self-service portal so they can manage their own membership profile, make purchases, sign up for events and buy the right products.
    4. Enable social sharing of documents and pages
    5. Integrate social media updates.
  3. Create engaging, thoughtful leadership content. Create content that prospects and members want to read and share the same. This is a great way to promote your site on search engines and social platforms, to drive traffic, and to position yourself and the industry’s leading think tank. It encourages people to come back to your website over and over again (and link it to others in their industry), whether they are members or not.
  4. Encourage online discussions: Let members and non-members communicate through an integrated self-service portal, the only area of ​​the forum for members and / or social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. If members can use your website or social media as a hub to engage in discussions with their peers, you can not only update the latest industry news, issues and problems, but also present yourself to the market as a hub. whose members and non-members can network in the same way.
  5. Make sure your membership is up to date: People want to use online communication, so make sure you can communicate via email, social platforms and your website. Have members log in to manage their own membership. Try: delete the same amount of paper after subscribing and subscribing, then be sure to share these innovations with your members: prospects.
  6. Facilitate member reunification: Make sure you communicate with members before they expire. If they don’t know that their membership is due for renewal, how will they remember to do so? Encourage renewal by offering early access to discounts and offering multiple payment methods, including online payments, direct debts, and automatic credit card payments.
  7. Make sure all your branding initiatives are consistent with your core message:Decide what you want to stand for and make sure everything supports it, reinforcing the message wherever you find it.
  8. Make sure your membership activities are as smooth as possible: Use event software to make event planning and management easy. Invite members via e-mail to register online, give them access to their self-service portal, where they will be able to manage their booking details, provide inquiries about online mail events, and more.
  9. Establish relationships with industry key personnel. Make sure people in your industry know what you’re doing and what your message is. Connect with journalists, major bloggers and industry experts through their websites, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Start developing relationships with these key people and find out what news they are looking for. Then make sure you keep up to date with the latest news and events and provide them with all the information they need to promote them.
  10. Make sure you communicate the membership fee. What benefits do members get from joining your organization? If they participate in the events, increase their qualifications, will gain new connections and business. Make sure they know about it (it’s easy to forget exactly what you’ve been doing for a year. Make it easy for members to find out what they have gained through their membership and re-strengthen the value.