Bad smell in the car


Most of us have a bad smell inside a car. In fact, the inside of the car smells like a complete check-up and the cause is unknown. There is no universal solution to the problem. First you need to find the source.

The source of the odor is bacteria that can grow in dirty places. In some cases, when you breathe the same air, your lunges may be searched, and you may need to see your doctor.

Bad smell can be dangerous for the driver as he cannot focus on the road. The most affordable way to get rid of it is to spray deodorants. Such deodorants cannot destroy the smell. They just mask it for a few days.

Let’s say that the smell of gasoline means that most likely, the drainage line of the gasoline tank needs to be cleaned. If you smell engine oil, you need to check the engine compartments and seals. The most dangerous is the burning smell, and it is necessary to check the electrical wires.

Other main sources are:

– Air conditioners,

– seats drinks / food,

– footprints on the floor of the car,

– old water can cause odors inside the car, under seats or under floor gaps,

– Plastic parts of the car’s interior can smell bad, and they require special abrasives.

– Smell / cigarette smell is more common. it can stay inside the fabric տակ upholstery and ashtray under the roof, of course; Most smokers don’t smell inside their car,

– Fish, onions, eggs and urine. These 4 will produce the worst odor when you forget to remove them.

Many people use simple old methods that are actually very useful:

– dry smell – mix baking soda in water, then wash inside the car for 3-4 hours,

– Wet odor – inside the coffee beans fabric bag; keep them for at least 3 days

– Smell of cigarettes – keep the plate in the car with a paper towel and feel the plate with vinegar; Remove the plate after 4-5 hours or vanilla extract. just apply a few drops on the seats.

The most common methods of keeping car interiors fresh are:

– Regular general cleaning with a vacuum cleaner,

– Apply the interior of the car to get rid of dirt,

– Do not forget the food and drinks from the inside,

– Regularly replace the cottage filter.

– cleaner air inside the car,

– wipe the car panel,

– Steam clean interior,

– Ozone generators.

If you don’t smell bad, it doesn’t mean the air is fresh. You usually feel comfortable with the smell of your body, but in reality it changes every day, and the interior of your car accumulates all these smells. The smell of their body depends on 3 main reasons.

– How often do you use the shower?

– your physical activity,

– Your food and drink.

Many food ingredients from fast food restaurants can smell your body. Let’s say that alcohol, sunflower oil, spice, french fries, red meat – if you like them a lot, it means that you will have a special and usually negative smell within an hour after your operation.

That’s why regular cleaning is a must for your car. In these cases, you can also use dry fog, a special process, when the hygienically approved material inside the car will act as a fog, and in all types of places, even under the roof, bacteria will reach and eliminate them. As a result, the smell of the original plant will return to your car.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.