Bandits in America – Abe "Kid Twist" Reles – A canary that could sing but couldn't fly

He was a vicious killer from the time he was 18 years old, but Abes “Kid Twist” Reles was not human. When it came to push and push, he was nothing more than a pot-bellied canary who betrayed his best friends to save his own skin. Abraham Reles was born in the Brownsville section in […]

The best parks in New York not to be missed during the tour

Contrary to the widespread notion of New York, of a chic city laden with skyscrapers and some massive sights, there is really a lot of greenery in this place. Nearly 14 percent of New York is green. When tourists get tired of the chaotic movement of the city, sightseeing and other events, they can find […]

How travel is changing the fashion industry

The answer to the question "How does travel change the fashion industry"? it's simple! When an Asian tourist with high socio-economic status travels to the United States and buys fashion accessories; they bring with them an international market. When they attract the attention of leading fashion brands, they satisfy their needs with these brands. The […]

Coin News

There are only three million BTC left Pompiano noted that there are currently only three million BTC mines left. Tweets have sought to raise awareness about the world-renowned crypto: “18 million Bitcoins will be released this Friday. There are only 3 million movies left. Let’s do this hashtag so the world can learn about Bitcoin.” […]